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Газовый блок разработан для использования как с газовой трубкой Ultimak так и с обычной т
7800 руб.
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Активные наушники Peltor Tactical 100 - это модель, которая пришла на смену популярным наушникам P
7700 руб.
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Подсумки Race Master от Double Alpha Academy - самые передовые подсумки на рынке. Изготовленные из а
3100 руб.
SKU: Заклейка мини картон
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Заклейки для мишеней, цвета картон, рулон, в рулоне 1000 шт.Заклейки разработаны с учетом всех нужд
150 руб.
SKU: Фальшпатрон12к рез 1
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Фальшпатрон 12 калибра, производство компании IPSC Lab (РФ).Предназначен для проверки рабо
50 руб.
SKU: Фальшпатрон12к рез 2
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Фальшпатрон 12 калибра с резиновым капсюлем (Россия) Тип 2.Вес - 40 граммДлина - 5,7 см.Ширина
50 руб.
SKU: Волк 5,45
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AK47 flash suppressor / afterburner VOLK designed specifically for AK type rifles with 14x1LH thread
4000 руб.
SKU: Стреляй
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При всестороннем содействии Центра правовой поддержки граждан «Ветер» в феврале 2016 года вышло из п
1500 руб.
SKU: sc-pg9b
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Сдвоенный подсумок Fab Defense PG-9 для пистолетов Glock PG-9 прочный и инновационный двойной под
2900 руб.
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Кобура SuperGHOST ULTIMATE, производство компании Amadini  (Италия). Самая
10130 руб.
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Кобура SuperGHOST THE ONE для левшей, производство компании Amadini  (Италия).&n
4880 руб.
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Кейс тактический Wartech с рюкзачными лямками и карманом Известно, что многое снаряжение, использ
2740 руб.

Internet shop of goods for practical shooting

Internet shop — this is new version of one of the oldest Russian online stores for shooters Shooter's Shop.

We have been successfully working since 2008 and provide our customers with consistently high quality products and services.

Our shop was established IPSC arrows at the dawn of practical shooting in Russia, even before the sport became an official sport shooters and practitioners in all, there were several hundred people throughout Russia.

While the goods for practical shooting almost was not in Russia, and each purchase was associated with significant difficulties. Sports holsters, belts and pouches with a convenient opportunity brought from abroad, and prices, such as the active headset, were significantly higher than now. It was then that a group of shooters and enthusiasts, consisting of certified referees and instructors of IPSC, called the team Shooter's Shop Team, began to help the arrows in the selection and purchase of a rifle outfit. At first we just brought several sets of equipment - one for myself and a couple of reserve for friends and acquaintances. Then he began to organize the shooting events - competitions and referee seminars. Then we set up the production environment Mishennaia, holsters, rifle bags and other accessories, are difficult at the time. With the participation of our team many Shooting Ranges received new product target environment, poppers, plates, cardboard targets and stand for them as well as all sorts of decorations. On this account the organization and carrying a huge amount of competition according to the rules of practical shooting from a traumatic weapons, adaptation IPSC rules for these weapons, including a thorough classification, in order to promote our sport (at the time of widespread sporting handguns in Russia could only dream of ), as well as full of pistol and rifle shooting matches at the various facilities of the Moscow region. On account of the participants Shooter's Shop Team wins a lot of shooting, both the Russian championships in pistol and rifle, as well as in international competitions, as well as many new members of the Federation of Practical Shooting Russian trained us rules of safe handling of weapons. Our educational materials have helped many arrows to learn about the various nuances of practical shooting, and we are pleased to continue our work on the development of practical shooting in Russia and provide shooters with the most modern, high-quality and diverse products for IPSC.

To date, our store provides you with the largest range of products for practical shooting in Russia. We are the official dealers of the world's largest producers of weapons accessories, of which in our range are more than two hundred. All items in our assortment (over 4000 items) in stock at our warehouse in Moscow, and if you do something you did not find - just send us an email, and we will likely be able to help you organize these products under the order. We guarantee our customers the lowest prices and the highest quality service and support. Our reputation is impeccable, what you can easily verify by reviewing feedback on our work over the past 5 years in our core theme at the largest portal of Russian arms In our work we are guided by the main principle of Judges IPSC - all doubts are always interpreted in favor of the arrow, whereby the goods exchange and refund procedure, as well as warranty service we easier, faster, and better than any other store.

The assortment of our shop is expanding literally every day, and you can always find us something new and interesting. Rich competitive practices gives us the opportunity to keep abreast of all the new products on the world market shooting, and the first to introduce you to them, and the widest range of payment methods and delivery will allow you to pay quickly and conveniently get them.